What's better than biscuits? Biscuits with milk of course...

As an exercise we asked our creative team to reimagine the Arnott's brand as a Milk Powder product. The results were great and show our ability to harness the heritage behind iconic brands. We infused an authentic brand personality with lines of milk product, powdered milk, formula and beyond. Hand-drawn illustrations underpin the antique approach.


New messages on old themes...

It's like adding flavor to milk. Rather than make a pretty picture, we communicate an idea. A single design is modified in a variety of ways to reach different audiences. Take milk, add chocolate flavor for one client, strawberry for another… A single prominent design theme flows through every touchpoint to join disparate product lines under one, cohesive theme.


How does this relate to your company?

A brand refresh can be approached in a number of different ways. Launching a new product line is a great time to consider refreshing your brand as well. Creating a contemporary look, with an established brand, is part of what our agency does. Find out more, contact us.