A regional USA real estate company needed a new face to grow nationally

CapCenter is a generational New England company that’s helped thousands of customers with the financial and legal costs of buying and selling property. With its ingenious service, CapCenter consistently ranked high in consumer ratings, but the company lacked the ability to break into the national market. 


A fresh, simplified positioning.

CapCenter's service is based on the simplification of the usual financial process, yet their brand image reflected a traditional way of doing things. Our solution was to create a stripped-down brand with minimal design elements and clear messaging. The brand’s tone of voice needed to remain friendly, but with a more contemporary attitude. 

For consistency, we retained some colours from the previous identity, but limited the number for greater impact. Our new design uses type with more rounded forms to be more approachable. The new CapCenter icon reinforces the company’s name and message with a house shape formed from the negative space between two abstracted ‘C's.


A rebrand success story.

With a more youthful message and image, the CapCenter team took the brand to heart and has seen real gains in interaction and awareness.