Millions of mobile gaming subscribers want to be entertained. Crooz has a vision beyond its borders.

Japan’s mobile gaming powerhouse wanted a new identity. This was our solution.


Water is the essence of all life.

At our initial meeting with Crooz in San Francisco, Rob met with the team and experienced the pure drive and passion of the company in person. Crooz wanted to become a global force, and they wanted to expand their vision with a new visual identity.

The CEO of Crooz had a clear concept in mind for the new identity – the element of water. Or more precisely, a “water planet”. It was our job to turn that concept into new branding for a global audience.


Culture is at the heart.

For our second meeting, Rob flew to Tokyo, the home of Crooz. Experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of Tokyo with the Crooz team, Rob absorbed the company culture first-hand. A personal tour of their offices revealed many fantasy-themed rooms and experiences for their workers. This ‘Google-esque' fit-out spoke spades about the heart and ambition of Crooz.

After an initial round of sketches exploring the possibilities, Rob and Crooz agreed on a final direction for their logo.


A water-infused global identity realised.

The elements in the finished Crooz icon mesh seamlessly: a water-based planet and it’s moon; a sense of yin-yang honouring the origin of the company and the universe; and a 3D globe forming a cap ‘C’. It all comes together to give Crooz a playful and powerful new gaming identity.

Produced by Joss Monzon