One of Silicon Valley's boldest entrepreneurs is set to 'uber' venture capital.

Simon Tian is a young Canadian entrepreneur who dropped out of school to pursue his business visions, which are bigger than most. He is best known for his company Neptune, where he has taken on the task of rethinking the personal computer – yet again. His computer wristwatch has drawn media attention from around the world.

Tian has now turned his attention to delivering a more authentic, streamlined interaction to the world of venture capital. 


Opening the floodgates.

Tian saw a major flaw in the venture capital industry: the process was too exclusive, took too long, and often shut out worthy candidates. 

In the spirit of its name – a fusion of “global" and “noble” – Globle is providing opportunities to submit ideas regardless of one’s understanding of business proposals. He realised that the next generation of ideas will come from the youth of today. This is what helped steer the brand's visual direction.