IOT is a smaller, more agile telco start-up offering more unique services. How does it cut through a crowded market?


Speak directly to the market.

IOT – an acronym for ‘Internet of Things' – is a telecommunications company based on Australia's east coast focused primarily on business solutions. While they service the area well, they have grown to include the personal market, and their brand is relatively unknown to the public. We needed to create bright and memorable visuals to pierce the market's white noise and deliver streamlined purchase pathways to new customers.

Clarity was of utmost importance. The colours, type and visuals had to accelerate comprehension of the brand. We designed graphics to help telegraph what ‘Internet of Things' encompasses, allowing the brand ID to emerge and connect on its own.


Playful and perfectly balanced.

Simplicity was key to this project. We needed to communicate brand attributes, but not at the expense of instant legibility. Our solution pivoted on a distinct sense of balance. The custom built typeface and the placement of the circles were crafted with the notion that they belong to each other – acknowledging the connectedness integral to the ‘internet of things' idea. 

The logo is bold and approachable with fun pops of colour and smoother edges of the type. Its colours are variants of consumer-friendly primary colours, but with a difference. It all adds up to a distinct identity with a fighting chance to make an impact in the telco arena.