High end Italian organic skincare to muscle in on a luxury market.

Walter Langone is a known Italian chemist with a passion for skin care products. With a passion for his home-grown quality product, he wanted to plant Italy firmly on the map otherwise heavily populated by countries such as France, the UK and the US. All Langone products strictly include the purest quality of Italian grown ingredients and can hold an unusual yet luxurious spin on organic skincare.


This rebrand had to hold its own against those with established market share

The mission was to gain market share traction fast. The main issue with the previous logo was that it did not visually elevate the brand to the level of the luxury product competition. 

We wanted to give a sense of luxury to the name itself, creating a story that the brand could expand upon. Experimentation with Walter Langone’s initials resulted in a symbol of elegance in the shape of a crown. The redesigned logo – and the striking black and white packaging graphics – communicate a new level of sophistication in the organic skin care market.


Organic elegance speaks for itself.

The Langone product line is set for an international unveiling in China in 2017. While product details are still confidential, we have attached a snapshot of some of the packaging design – sure to make an impact in this highly competitive and popular category.