Australia's most recognised real estate brand wanted full-digital solutions.

LJ Hooker has been Australia's most recognised real estate brand for decades. As times changed so did the need to adapt to emerging media. They called on Janoff & Partners to create solutions for a broad range of digital needs – online free downloadable content, strategic digital lead development, agent and agency promotion, landing page generation and social and search advertising. All avenues saw solid results and earned LJ Hooker the accolade of best digital real estate agency in 2016.


Winning isn't everything but it sure doesn't hurt.

As the 'Digital Presence of the Year’, LJ Hooker soon realised the benefits of their new and intricate digital solutions. Janoff & Partners identified key saturation points and clear targets. The over-arching strategy saw layers of social, search-related, passive and organic digital marketing dramatically drive responses in consumer awareness and customer enquiries.

LJ Hooker implemented this digital strategy at all levels of the company. The campaign's access points were created to be used at the corporate level and by agencies and individuals alike. Then products were created to sell the service to consumers – in essence, creating free campaigns for the participating agents. 


Sharing free content – loads of it.

In an age of sharing, LJ Hooker wanted to convert their treasure chest of knowledge into accessible, usable content. We created a suite of downloadable eBooks that were specifically designed for key areas of interest. These titles covered everything from renting to moving.

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LJ Hooker webpage redesign plus 100's of landing pages.

User experience (UX) was yet another key aspect in our delivery of a total digital strategy. Improving the ability to best consume information and take action was at the forefront of all design. Janoff & Partners were entrenched in the user experience and interaction planning of the 2017 LJ Hooker website. Taking data and user information from the current site and cross-designing the new UX with future requirements was the foundation for the new template. Being able to offer many services while still providing clear pathways was integral to the final product.

Whether it be competitions, exclusive auctions, agency awareness or general appraisal marketing we literally created hundreds of different landing pages individually tailored to deliver specific results for each cause.