UK's largest commercial finishing firm needed a brand to scale up with.

Lucus is a family business now run by one of Britain's high profile corporate leaders and humanitarian, Danny Lucas. Working with some of Europes largest names such as McClaren, Emirates, Sky and the London Olympic Games, Lucas is required to be as agile as it's clients. Lucas came to Rob initially seeking an identity that help would propel the business into its imminent bright future. A successful corporate rebrand and multiple subsidiary brands later Janoff & Partners has been able to assist in placing Lucas is an advantageous position.


An identity that showed ownership and detail.

The build of the new Lucas brand had to come from a place where their future customers could identify a strong sense of identity, a presence of attention to detail and brand voice of clarity and consistency. As most clients of Lucas are in construction it made sense to build a geometric shape to bridge a connection point. The 'L' from Lucas always was to be an anchor point, to promote pride within from a multi-generational company. The final resolve demonstrates an abstract of from with sharp edges promoting that desired sense of detail and finishing.


The Lucas brand expanded.

One key expansion in the brand was to create a 'sister' brand of the company that ties back to Lucas but also operates independently of it. This sub-brand is called Lucas Offsite, a business devoted to creating quality full build solutions away from the development site and delivered as a complete solution.