Pluit City is a mammoth project. A man-made island metropolis off the Jakarta coast.

Developed by Agung Podomoro Land, one of Indonesia's largest land development companies, Pluit City is a regional first. Its urban plan encompasses a central business district with skyscrapers and shopping districts surrounded by luxury housing and parklands. This project aspires to be a global showplace.


Aiming for luxury appeal.

The reason for the rebrand was that the existing graphic identity didn’t appeal to its core customers. Crafting a logo to hit that high-end luxury market – from multiple countries and cultures – required precision targeting. The final design not only integrates the essential cityscape and water elements, it includes triggers for the upscale Chinese, Western and local markets as well.


An amazing work in progress.

Pluit City is still under construction, with many parts of the island already operational. It’s a beautiful jigsaw puzzle in progress. We look forward to the day when Pluit City is fully realised – its brand carrying it to the place it has always intended to be.